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Productivity Unlocked™ is a process to unlock your organizations' performance potential

To achieve exceptional performance is a dream of many executives. Many different consulting companies have pre-developed packages for training and process improvement. Through the Productivity Unlocked™ process we focus on assessing where your organization's culture, processes and systems stand. We work with the owners, leadership and employees to develop a true 360 degree view of the outcomes that all stakeholders are looking to achieve. We match these responses to find what processes, issues and beliefs represent barriers to the organizations growth. No two organizations are in the same place in their growth, cultural and evolution. Understanding where you are and the underlying limiting elements is critical to making long-term improvements.

Following this assessment, we develop a targeted strategy around improving the clarity of purpose and outcomes. We focus on establishing interdependent teamwork that matches inputs, processes and outputs that improve throughput and minimize conflicts. Lastly we work with the entire organization on developing trust by focusing everyone on the objectives of the organization. Every organization has the opportunity to make the changes necessary to unlock their hidden potential and achieve high performance.

As part of the implementation we focus on the aspect of high performance through continuous improvement. This key element of high performance organizations empowers employees to engage in the growth of the company and truly become part of the experiences your customers, suppliers and stakeholders receive from your organization. Being able to release this potential in a constructive manner enables organizations to achieve that elusive "hockey stick" growth that is the hallmark of great companies.

Contact THG today for more information on how to unlock your organizations potential and Unlock the Productivity that will set your organization on a path to high performance and higher profitability.

Are you frustrated with employees not achieving the outcomes you desire?

Do you feel that no one is truly listening. Clarity (or the lack there of...) is an issue that limits the growth of many organizations through increased stress, rework and politics. We believe that all employees want to do the best they can in their lives, both at home and work. However, since we all come from different backgrounds and experiences, we tend to view the potential issues and solutions from our perspective. You know the old adage, if all you have is a hammer everything you see is a nail. The problem is the different number of "hammers" that exist. Continuting the analogy, most people don't realize there are 17 different kinds of hammers in most hardware stores. From Ball-peen and knife-edged to sledges and mallets. There are also specialty hammers like gavels for judges and small rock picks for geoligist. But if you asked your child to bring you a hammer to remove a nail, you might just get one that doesn't match your needed task.

The responsibility for Clarity exists with everyone from the point an expectation or outcomes is set, through the process and systems that achieve it, to the measurement of the outcomes and assessment of the achievement. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences that provide varied options. Establishing what is important to any organization is critical to ensuring that the best outcomes are achieved.

Call THG today to help let the frustrations go and start getting a focus on what is important to the future success of your organization.

All 'Teams' are not the same.

There are collaborative, productive, protective, isolated and the list goes on. And most companies that aren't consciously choosing their culture and teamwork expectations probably have a combination of many different team types.

The lack of open internal and interdependent teamwork can significantly undermine the productivity of your company and reduce your profits simultaneously. Individual contributors, poor performers and your interaction on the smaller issues are what establish the trust within your company. And remember, the items you do in private are ultimately known to all of the organization.

When all your team members within the company understand the expectations and outcomes of teamwork within the organization, you will see new levels of flourishing profits through reduced costs while driving higher levels of customer and supplier satisfaction.

Call THG to get more information on consciously choosing your teamwork strategy to maximize your organization's capabilities.

Most executives mistake fear for trust.

Compliance by employees does not mean that you have a trusted rapport with them. Trust is something you build and develop over time by acknowledging both the good and bad in an open dialogue. If all of the feedback you receive is just a reflection of what you already said, you probably are having trust issues.

Business today has complicated the aspect of trust within an organization. The actions over the past few decades have created an environment where fear is more predominant. However, fear based environments create repositories of lost productivity, increased costs and protectionism. Developing true trusting environments is the hallmark of high performance organizations. It doesn't mean that bad things never happen and that people are going to be upset. By focusing on the optimistic reality of your organization, you can develop an environment where trust is a hallmark of your leadership that is seen by customers, suppliers and your own employees.

Small actions that undermine trust take large amounts of time to overcome. Things said in confidence still undermine the trust of that individual. Understanding the consequences of these small actions is critical to long term development of trust.  Without trust, you won't truly be able to reach the potential of your organization or feel the freedom that high performance organizations can provide. Contact THG to discuss how you can develop trust and reduce fear within your organization today.